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Enabling a Digital and Intelligent Future, J Hotel Shanghai Tower Launches Its First NFT Platform "Jetaverse" The First NFT of the "J Moment" Series Goes Online


(January 1, 2023, New Year's Day, Shanghai, China) – Today, J Hotel Shanghai Tower, one of the highest hotels in the world, launched the NFT platform, "Jetaverse", and became the first luxury hotel in China to launch an NFT platform. J Hotel Shanghai Tower, in cooperation with MetaWorks, aims to combine the virtual and real-world sensory experiences of the hotel’s concept of an art gallery in the clouds. The NFT platform merges the concepts of blockchain technology and art enjoyment & luxury that guests personally experience and , and release them through the Conflux tree map blockchain, so as to present NFT with great collection value while retaining the eternal beautiful picture.    

J Hotel Shanghai Tower combines the ancient and modern times, China and foreign countries, gathers the beauty of various arts, and gives guests a new vision of overlooking Shanghai. Starting from design, travel, life, food and wine, technology and service arts, it creates a private art house on the cloud to show the living experience with modern oriental characteristics. As one of the highest hotels in the world, J Hotel Shanghai Tower transcends traditions, looks forward to the future, and creates a unique experience for guests in the clouds. The launch of the digital collection platform marks the beginning of the hotel's exploration of future technologies in the context of the digital transformation in Shanghai and cutting-edge technology.

With the release of the "Jetaverse", the "First Sunrise of 2023 Captured From J Hotel Shanghai Tower" from J Hotel's first NFT series, "J Moment", was officially launched. The "J Moment" series aims to present the unique beauty in the high of the cloud and the important pictures with memorial significance that can be enjoyed at J Hotel Shanghai Tower, and to preserve the moment to forge an eternal memory. As the first NFT of the series, the "First Sunrise of 2023 Captured From J Hotel Shanghai Tower" recorded the first sunrise in Shanghai in 2023. It was shot from "Heavenly Jin", the highest restaurant in the building on the 120th floor of the hotel, at the top of Shanghai, with an altitude of 556.32 metres. It is presented in the form of a video, showing the whole process from dawn to sunrise. A limited number of 500 copies of the NFT were sold. The sunrise in the east and the sea is full of rivers.


The first sunrise in Shanghai in 2023 endows this collection with a unique value.

Starting now, log on the WeChat account and enter J搜索】-【云端艺邸】 and become the first batch of NFT collectors of J Hotel Shanghai Tower, and also enjoy various benefits from the hotel at the same time. To celebrate the launch of its NFT platform and its first NFT, the hotel is launching the limited "J Collection" room package, available on its WeChat store, official TikTok store and Ctrip.

The package includes the NFT, "First Sunrise of 2023 Captured From J Hotel Shanghai Tower", two nights' stay in the stateroom king with breakfast for two, executive Yi Lounge access for two, sunset cocktails, executive Lobby Lounge access for two, and a journey of wonders in the clouds. Enjoy the luxury lifestyle while collecting NFTs with great commemorative and collection value. J Hotel Shanghai Tower will successively release the digital works from the "J Moment" series. Guests can learn more details and purchase them at the "Jetaverse" of J Hotel Shanghai Tower.  


About J Brand

J is the premier luxury hospitality brand of Jinjiang International Hotels, China's largest and the world's second-largest hotel group. J is named after the initial of Jinjiang. Centered around the Chinese philosophy of benevolence, the hotel welcomes all guests with integrity, kindness, professionalism and humanity, through an artistic environment of Chinese elements and heart-felt, quality services.

J Hotel's logo is inspired by a blossoming magnolia, the symbol of Shanghai, and encircled by rings of transparent rays that deliver dynamism within a static image. Through the icon's significance and elegance, J brand wishes to share its vision of building an internationally recognized hotel in Shanghai through its Chinese cultural cultivation.

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